Your RF, MMIC, Analog and
Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Partner

Riverbeck provides turnkey ASIC design and supply solutions, to provide custom integrated circuits where needs or cost demands them.

Our competence spans the complete range of analog/mixed-signal and digital ASICs, but we particularly serve the RF wireless sector where most ASIC suppliers lack the appropriate expertise.


▲ Ka-band (20-30GHz) transceiver IC with integrated PLLs, sub-5dB system noise figure, 12dBm linear tx

Riverbeck 公司设计定制集成电路。



▲ Semiconductor IP design-only:
20Msps 128-input 12 ENOB ADC

Whilst turnkey design and supply of ASICs is our core business, we can also provide any subset of that work:

contract design services, technical studies, independent review, intellectual property …

just ask!